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The Food for Life Scotland team is currently working on an exciting new education initiative which builds on the work they are already doing through the Food for Life Catering Mark Award. The Food for Life Education Framework will help to further transform food culture in by enabling schools and their wider communities to embed and celebrate a ‘whole-setting’ approach to food.  

Existing food education initiatives

Crofting Connections

Crofting Connections Inspiring young people in communities throughout the Highlands & Islands about crofting past, present and future 

Cairngorms Food for Life Plan

The Cairngorms Food for Life Development Plan was Scotland’s first regional food plan, launched in September 2010 and currently being delivered with funding through Cairngorms LEADER & Cairngorms National Park Authority. This initiative will shortly be coming to a close, and a full evaluation report of its successes and case study information will be made available in due course.

Find out about the Cairngorms Anniversary Orchards Legacy project

Cairngorms Food for Life is supported by LEADER. 

Farm Visits

If you are a farmer able to host a farm visit, or a teacher looking for a school trip please get in touch with The Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) which facilitates farm visits all over Scotland.

School children cooking

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Contact us

Kirsten Leask, Food for Life Education and Engagament Coordinator         0131 666 2474 or email 

Pam Rodway, Project Manager Crofting Connections 01463 725 089 or email