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December 2014

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 Graph of livestock prices - Meadow Quality
Data source for the above graph - Meadow Quality's weekly Market Report.

Market Summary

The organic beef trade has been unusually quiet considering we are in the Christmas period. There has been little increase in demand, and just enough cattle coming forward to keep the abattoirs sufficiently happy. We may well see a shortening of supply in the New Year, especially if demand for beef increases in 2015. Price recovery is imperative to breathe some much needed confidence into the producers who are finishing organic cattle, and also to ensure that those purchasing organic stores have a ready supply of quality cattle and don't lose them to the conventional trade (as we have seen too many times in the past). The cull cow market remains disappointing, with the hope that the colder weather and shortening of supplies in January and February will kick start this trade, which has been bumbling along.

We have seen a vastly improved market price for organic lambs in the past four weeks. While the surge has for the moment abated, we hope that there will be further improvement, which traditionally happens around February time. Lambs on the whole have been well finished, especially those that have received supplement feed - which have better killing out percentages than lambs fed only on Autumn grass. As we are now definitely in the Winter, producers must be aware of the cleanliness policy that abattoirs uphold. Ignorance of this is not acceptable, so ask your lamb buyer for details and ensure that your stock is cleanly presented and not full of food at loading to reduce the risk of cleanliness issues.

A reminder - Electronic Identification (EID) of all sheep will be compulsory from January 1st 2015, so sheep keepers will need EID for slaughter lambs in 2015. For further information or queries, speak to your lamb buyer regarding individual abattoir requirements going forward.

Tim Leigh, OLMC - 01763 25031

Store Cattle Report (November):

As the Autumn draws into Winter and the weather deteriorates we have seen substantial numbers of spring born organic stores coming onto the market. This increased availability has meant that there are some very good value groups of cattle for sale. Quality is generally very good; cattle have enjoyed a good Summer which reflects in the condition of the stock.

Conversely, the availability of 18-24 month old forward stores is virtually non-existent, making demand for these bigger cattle very strong. I think the low numbers of the bigger cattle is due to the good Summer, with a higher than normal number of cattle coming fit off grass. It also reflects a declining number of breeding cows, and organic producers leaving organic production. This must surely lead to lower numbers of finished cattle and higher prices in 2015.

Peter Jones, OLMC Store Cattle - 01829 730 580 / 07720 892 922