Organic Livestock

Price data

Last updated - 7th April 2014



Beef - Finished
(Under 30 mths)

 £3.92 - £3.95 (R4L Base)

Beef - Cull Cow
(Over 30 months)
£2.95 (R4L Base)
(over 300kg deadweight)

Beef - Stores*
(*January figure)

 £800 - £1000
(for 400/450kg cattle)

Lambs - Finished

£4.80 - £4.90
(R3L Base)

These results are averaged from information collected from key producers and traders. Prices serve as a guide only.

Market Summary (courtesy of OLMC) - April 2014

The organic prime beef trade is suffering due to reduced kills at all abattoirs and plenty of cattle being available to meet current demand. The price remains under pressure with many producers needing to move cattle as they become ready and as food and straw stocks diminish.

The Trade for OTM cull cows has strengthened as numbers shorten.

The organic hogget trade has improved considerably - numbers coming forward remain tight and new lambs are quite a way on the horizon. This would indicate a continued firm trade going into late April and early May.

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Store Cattle Report - January 2014

The volume of finished cattle coming on to the market between September and December has caught everyone by surprise. We have gone through 2012 and the spring of 2013 with appalling weather conditions that led to finished cattle being in very short supply. Cattle that grazed during the summer of 2012 produced very slow growth rates and during the 2012/2013 winter feed stocks were at an all time low. Conversely the summer of 2013 was the complete opposite with a long hot grazing season with adequate grass to maximise growth rates. This caused a surge of cattle ready to be marketed in the Autumn. Inevitably this made finished cattle difficult to sell and we saw a price drop from £5.20 in the summer to £4.33 in November. This has led to slower trade for organic stores this Autumn with buyers not having space readily available due to the difficulty selling finished stock.

Going forward the backlog of cattle must surely come to a conclusion and my view is that by February abattoirs and processors will be have to look harder for cattle as numbers dry up. This will mean that demand for store cattle will increase and with the seasonal effect of the spring we are likely to see a good demand for organic stores.

It is always difficult to predict prices but for cattle to turn out in April/May I would expect producers to be realising a return of £800 - £1000 for 400/450kg cattle.

For advice on buying and selling organic stores please call Peter Jones on 01829 730 580 / 07720 892 922