Organic arable

Price data

April 2015



Wheat, milling
(*protein dependant - contact merchant)

Wheat, feed





Oats, milling

Oats, feed







Feed Price

The prices listed above (other than those for milling wheat and oats) indicate the feed value of material ex-farm for movement for the next month.  These results are averaged from information collected from key producers, traders and feedmills. Prices serve as a guide only - actual prices will depend on volume, availability, quality and supply.

For a list of organic grain merchants please send a request (together with your name and producer membership/licensee number) to - or call 0117 314 5100

Market report

Courtesy of Simon Tubbs, Saxon Agriculture

Domestic markets remain thinly traded as feed grade buyers want material for June/July/August, whilst farm sellers are looking for April/May farm collections. There are still some very good premiums available for milling wheats in excess of 11% protein, but malting barley and milling oat markets appear played out. The message remains the same - make your buyers aware of any produce that you have (or will have) to sell. Every year we are surprised by some sellers who only attempt to actively market their crops in the last quarter of the marketing season.

There are currently some issues in the imported protein (suncake and rapeseed) sector of the market, with several raw materials currently unavailable. This could lead to some volatility, but is unlikely to impact on the domestic cereals market in the short term. Ideal spring drilling weather has meant that most crops have gone into good seedbeds, but we imagine some rain would be appreciated before long.