Eating out

Out to Lunch

We're investigating what’s being served to children in our restaurants.

Parents tell us they want to see real food on offer when they eat out with their children. Many want food that is cooked fresh in the restaurant and not just fried meals. They want to be given real choices too - a good range of child-friendly healthy meals alongside the inevitable chips and beans on the children's menus.

Eating out is now a regular part of our children's lives - restaurants have a role to play in shaping our children's everyday food choices and what they’ll choose and prefer in later life. Are they giving parents and children what they want and deserve? Or are they fuelling bad food choices and habits?

Food for Life Catering Mark

The Food for Life Catering Mark can help you find good food. It’s our unique award which guarantees that what’s on the menu is freshly prepared, free from undesirable additives and better for animal welfare. Meals which have been awarded the Catering Mark are all free from controversial e-numbers such as aspartame, tartrazine and MSG. They do not contain artificial trans-fats or GM ingredients.

When you see the Catering Mark, you can rest assured that all meat and dairy products come from farms which meet Red Tractor animal welfare standards. Many go even further and serve organic meat, dairy products or eggs, which means guarantees a truly free-range life where animals have plenty of space and fresh air to thrive and grow.

Organic certification

It's important that you have complete confidence in the organic products you buy, whether it's at your corner shop, supermarket or local restaurant. While restaurants do not legally need to be certified to make organic claims, many have decided to use the Soil Association symbol on their menus to demonstrate that their dishes and ingredients meet a strict set of organic standards that protect health, sustainability and the environment.