Nomination for elections to Council 2014/2015

Would you be interested in helping to lead the work of the Soil Association and stand for election as a trustee of the Soil Association?

We are looking for candidates to stand for election to the Soil Association’s Council, our governing body. Council meets six times a year and many Council members also contribute time on other committees. The term of office for Council members is typically three years, as our rules require that one-third of elected Council members should retire or stand for re-election each year. Members of Council are not remunerated, although all reasonable expenses are reimbursed.

An election will be held this year for six places on the Soil Association Council, one of which is for the devolved nation of Northern Ireland. Geetie Singh resigned as Council member in 2014 and five Council members have completed their current term of office. Retiring and eligible for re-election are:

  • Renée Elliott
  • David Main
  • John McCormick (Devolved Nations' Member Northern Ireland)
  • Orna NiChionna
  • Gabriel Scally

To stand for council you need to be an individual member of the Soil Association and be nominated by two other members.

  1. Nomination papers should be completed in CAPITALS please and returned by Friday 6 June 2014 to:
    The General Secretary of the Soil Association
    South Plaza
    Marlborough Street
    Bristol BS1 3NX
  2. Each nominee must be a fully paid-up individual member of the Soil Association.
  3. Each nomination must be accompanied by a letter from the nominee giving permission for his/her name to be put forward, and a biographical note on the nominee (200 words maximum). This note should also outline how the nominee’s skills and experience could be of benefit to the Soil Association and its members. Nominees who wish to stand as the Devolved Nations’ Council member for Northern Ireland are asked to specify this in their letter.
  4. Each nomination must be proposed and seconded by fully paid-up members of the Soil Association. In the case of joint membership, only one member may nominate or second an individual candidate; one of the joint members cannot nominate, and the other member second the same candidate.
  5. No candidate may be nominated or seconded by a member of their family or partner.
  6. The election will be held by postal and electronic ballot. Ballot and AGM papers will be sent out early September 2014 in Living Earth magazine.
  7. The results of the ballot will be announced at the AGM, which will take place on 8 October 2014.

Potential candidates are encouraged to speak with our Chair of Council, Dennis Overton, to learn more about the Soil Association and the role of a Trustee. If you would like to do this you can email him at, or if you need any further information please contact our Governance Administrator, Katharine Gonzales, on 0117 914 2439 or


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