Marketing and membership building

The DIY Marketing Guide for CSAs [pdf, 1.3 mb]

This excellent and very readable guide is aimed at new and existing CSAs who want to develop a simple, do-able, affordable marketing plan. Written by Rob Greenland for the Soil Association, it has been written in a way to motivate your CSA group to work together to build your membership. So make lots of tea, get out your old rolls of wallpaper and big pens and have some fun figuring out who your members might be, what your key messages are and how to develop an effective plan!

From Conflict to Co-operation [Web link]

In order to achieve their goals and be sustainable, community enterprises need to know how to work as a team - communicating effectively, making good decisions, dealing with the inevitable conflicts and coping with growth and change. Published by Co-operatives UK, this invaluable series of illustrated guides aims to help community enterprises deal not only with conflict when it arises but also to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Toolkit: Removing the Barriers - community groups' gide to making your growing project accessible to all  [pdf, 675 kb]

Bringing people together from a variety of backgrounds - and with diverse skills and abilities - not only helps cohesion within communities, but also adds to the richness of everyone’s experience. This toolkit is designed to help your community food growing project ensure you are reaching all members of your community. It addresses some of the common barriers faced by different members of the community, outlines the legal requirements of community projects and gives ideas and advice about pract...

Using the media - A practical guide [pdf, 168 kb]

A great guide on how to get the most coverage out of your local and regional media groups. Published by Making Local Food Work.