International CSA groups

Urgenci - The International Network Of Community -Supported Agriculture

An Urban - Rural Network: Generating new forms of Exchange between CItizens fostering peer-based solidarity among Community-Supported Agriculture initiatives worldwide to actively contribute to the food sovereignty movement



GartenCoop Freiburg

A start-up vegetable CSA where each pays according to their own ability, and gets what they need.


CSA Zarzalejo

Our CSA in already running, after several months of preparation (talks, meetings, work in groups, and celebrations). We are 23-25 families involved, with a Leading Group, a Farmer Supporting Group, a farmer employed, and a 2000m2  ground where the first little plants are already growing, in spite of the lack of rain this year.  This initiative is part of a local Transition iniciative (Zarzalejo en Transizión), whose web is
We are excited and maybe the second CSA in Zarzalejo is not far off.


Les Jardins de Cocagne

United States

New York's Just Food programme visits the Soil Association

The Just Food programme has lead the way in the USA connecting local farms with inner city communities through the creation of Community Supported Agriculture projects, food buying clubs, and farmers markets. Through inspiring video footage and photographs and an in depth interview with Abby Youngblood, The Soil Association has captured the amazing story of a group of people that is turning food deserts into islands of sustainability.


Local Harvest

An very comprehensive website with an excellent newsletter you can subscribe to.

Landshare Colorado

The Intervale Center!
For 23 years, the Intervale Center has been dedicated to preserving agricultural resources in Vermont. We help farmers bring their products to market, build and sustain their businesses, and maintain Vermont’s working landscape; we promote land use that protects Vermont’s water quality; we sustain Burlington’s treasured Intervale; and we share our innovative work and knowledge with communities around the world. Our work has helped to build a community food system that honors producers, values good food, and enhances the quality of life.

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
Over the past few decades, two movements have been reclaiming land to benefit people and the environment. One, including the land trust movement, is devoted to land conservation. The other, the way we grow and distribute food, includes CSA farms.

Making Local Food WorkBig Lottery Fund