Buy organic

Convenient and affordable: Shop local and organic online.

Did you know? 

Many of Scotland’s Organic veg box schemes have diversified, bringing you a variety of organic choices such as eggs, meat and even shampoo!

Enjoy having fresh, seasonal produce delivered to your door. Find businesses delivering in your area. 

Visit your local farmers' market

Find a broad range of local food, with some organic options at most markets. Meet producers who are passionate about the food they grow. Find your closest market.

Visit an organic farm 

Get your wellies on and visit a farm near you! Learn about your foods journey from farm to plate and explore the Scottish countryside while you’re at it.

Grow your own

Enjoy the satisfaction of harvesting your own produce and sharing it with family and friends. Contact your local council for information on local allotments, or Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society (SAGS) provides useful information.