Carrot trial update

Kate Collyns - 21 August 2013

Early results from the carrots trial: and basically you can see that St Valery looks very good when compared to the other trial and control varieties. Three lines of St Valery are in the middle of the picture, with the tallest and thickest foliage growth, and have competed against weeds better too, especially compared to the three Amsterdam Maxi 2 trials to the left of St Valery, and Amsterdam Forcing, furthest three left rows.

The one row of Napoli also looks good; and the mixture of coloured carrots (White Satin, Yellowstone, Purple Haze and Rainbow Bunching) which make up the rest of carrot plot to the right are fair. However, when pulled, the coloured carrots are the furthest along and largest (already selling as young bunched carrots); with St Valery and Napoli next, and the Amsterdams last. Carrots will be pulled for bunching from this weekend onwards.

Kate set up Grown Green @ Hartley Farm in 2010, a two-acre market garden in Wiltshire between Bath and Bradford on Avon, selling to farm shops, cafés, pubs and restaurants. There are three polytunnels, herb beds and a small field for other vegetables and flowers.

The seed variety field lab is looking into Open Pollinated (OP) seed varieties available to non-organic growers and trialling them in organic systems with a view to either creating a demand for them organically or saving them on farm for use in subsequent years. The field lab is part of the Duchy Originals Future Farming Programme which is aiming to improve productivity, quality and environmental performance in organic and low-input agriculture.


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