Manchester here we come

Christopher Trotter - 08 February 2011

Christopher Trotter: Being a bit of a technophobe I am risking life and limb to make this entry, I will be setting off from Scotland to Manchester shortly to remind everyone of the link between The Soil Association and The Pioneer Health Foundation. The SA was founded out of the insights of Eve Balfour yes, but also of Dr’s Scott Williamson and Pearse, remarkable people all. Health is not just the absence of disease it’s a continuous process of being, linked to our environment, our food, our relationships and our activity.


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christopher trotter
09 February 2011 10:15

It is always so inspiring to be amongst so many like minded people. Looking forward to/ a great couple of days

Tim Young
08 February 2011 10:49

Life and limb has been risked successfully it seems! Welcome aboard, looking forward to your blogs.

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