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Rob Sexton - 04 September 2013

Rob SextonOrganic September is upon us again in the form of the Small Changes, Big Difference – a campaign theme based around the fact that collective efforts can reap extraordinary results.

In challenging economic times the food we eat, products we use and clothes we wear can take a back seat in the face of other priorities. It’s all too easy to disregard the knock-on effects of our choices, and the fact that every purchase can act as a supporting vote for the system which produced it.

This month is about encouraging consumers to make a small, achievable, but affirmative change which will make a big difference. This change will not only benefit the plants, land and animals who produce our products, but will also send a clear signal to policy makers, retailers and businesses that people are making the choice to support an ecologically sustainable food and farming system.

It feels to me that a shift in consciousness and purchasing habits is gaining ground within our mainstream thinking; reflected by the recent surge in growth within the organic market. Then again, perhaps it is because the work I do places me in the middle of some of the most pioneering businesses of the day – inspiring examples of how this awareness is translated into practical action.

Our licensees are continually pulling out the stops when it comes to creating innovative, original, top-quality products; an amazing range of food, drink, clothing and beauty products to satisfy every whim and preference. The difference? Wearing, eating, or using these products taps into a whole sequence of mindful practice, with every step in the chain helping to preserve the environment, protect our wildlife, and provide farm animals with a truly free range life.

This month is a real opportunity for consumers to test this out for themselves, by taking advantage of the fantastic offers from Soil Association licensees during September. My small change? Buying more organic cotton: helping to minimise the huge environmental and social impact associated with cotton production.

Our goal to increase organic sales by 10% this month is ambitious but achievable, and the work of our organic licensees during September will be key in helping us achieve and sustain this upward trend.

Over sixty million consumers, four thousand organic licensees, four weeks. . .we’ll keep you posted!

Rob Sexton is Chief Executive Officer of Soil Association Certification.

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