Trial tomato update

Kate Collyns - 07 June 2013

I finally planted out the trial tomatoes last weekend (quite late I know, partly caused by broken rotovator - don't ask); and they've been settling in this week in the lovely sun.

The Stupice tomatoes look the most cross at the moment, probably because they were the most advanced; their leaves were turning yellow, and they'd started to flower in their pots. This could be because they are an earlier tomato, so had got a head start over the other.

The other trial plants just looked slightly peeved rather than angry; hopefully they'll all be happy now they're in the ground.

In other trial news, I wheel-hoed the carrots on Monday, and there's little obvious difference between the trial varieties. Finding the lines of St Valery and Amsterdam Maxi may have been a little easier, i.e. there were more plants visible; but that could be partly down to more seed being sown if the seed was a little smaller; or it could be that germination was better and/or quicker; or a less weedy patch. I should be able to tell more in a few weeks...

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Peter Brinch
17 June 2013 08:09

Hi Kate,thanks for the info. Where you have more plants there should be a better chance to see their overall performance. Hope they do well.Best wishes Peter

Kate Collyns
10 June 2013 17:18

Hi Peter, I will double check the number of trial tomatoes for each variety (I can't find the original post on my Wordpress blog now, perhaps I dreamed that I wrote it down); but it's a very small sample of each, between 2 plants (Chocolate cherry toms) and 20ish (Tigerella/Stupice), depending on how germination went (I had a small packet of each trial variety). I'm pretty small scale! The carrot rows are approx 60m long each. Best, Kate

Peter Brinch
09 June 2013 22:28

Hi Kate, I read your notes with interest and look forward to following how the trials get on during the season. How many tomato trial plants do you have of each variety? Glad to hear your carrots finally showed up too. What length rows do you have of your trial varieties. I am just curious to know how many trials plants you may be able to compare at harvest. Lets hope for some warm weather to move everything forward. Best regards Peter

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