Five questions with... Gurpareet Bains

Anna Louise Batchelor - 03 April 2013

Gupareet BainsI’m really lucky in my day job to meet fantastic people working in the world of healthy and organic food. Chefs, growers and producers all dedicated to producing wholesome food. I’ve been inspired by the people I have met and motivated to talk with them for my blog in a series of interviews I’m calling ‘Five Q’s with’. In the hot seat for the first in the series is chef, nutritionist and ‘world’s leading expert on Indian superfood’ Gurpareet Bains.

I recently met Gurpareet at his inaugural ‘Indian Superfoods Supper Club’ in London where I got to sample his wonderful cooking and learn more about ‘Indian Superfoods’. Gurpareet has agreed to answer my five questions so that he can share his knowledge of ‘Indian Superfoods’ with you.

Why ‘superfoods’? Why not plenty of veg?

Superfoods are healthy foods (typically with a high antioxidant quota) and these include vegetables. Plenty of veg is great!

Is cooking from scratch important to ‘Indian superfoods’

Cooking from scratch is essential most of the time – however you’ll find some healthy ‘cheat’ ingredients in my recipes such as tomato puree. Can you imagine how time consuming it would be to make tomato puree at home?! Even though you are cooking from scratch, you’ll still find my recipes rather fast and easy to prepare. Most of them involve sautéing spices in a pan for a few moments, followed by a whiz of fresh fruit and veg in a blender, and finally combining everything with a main ingredient and simmering.

How is organic food important to your cuisine?  

Organic food isn’t treated with herbicides and pesticides. Therefore it is much healthier and safer for us to consume organic foods.

How would you prepare a superfood dinner on a budget?

Starter: Sweet potato samosa rolls. Main: ‘world’s healthiest meal’ chicken and blueberry curry with brown rice. Sweet: Black rice pudding.

What would be your top ‘superfoods’ tip?

Start using spices. Not only are they cheap and taste great, they are nature’s richest source of antioxidants.

Anna Louise Batchelor is an environmental scientist who has worked in academia, government and industry. For the last six years she has been part of Reading's True Food Co-op.

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Rach Jones
03 April 2013 15:19

Nice, looking forward to the other interviews.

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