On your bike! Healthy living needs more than organic food

Anna Louise Batchelor - 10 September 2012

Anna on her bikeAre you still sitting on the sofa watching the Olympics? If you have been inspired by the Olympians and Paralympians isn’t it time you got up and got on your bike? Over the last few months I have been glued to the TV watching cycling. From Le Tour de France to the Olympic gold medal winners it has been a great year for British cycling. Perhaps the Soil Association certified wood for the Olympic velodrome helped. Now whilst I find these athletic feats inspiring I’m always interested in how they can trickle down. What do I mean? I mean it’s time for us all to keep fit!

The term ‘keep fit’ comes from the platitude ‘keep fit for military purpose’. A war time slogan it encouraged civilians to keep in health for either active service or a healthy home front. Today our war is against obesity and tied to that inactivity. Now if you’re an organic farmer, up at the crack of dawn and on your feet every day, I think you’ve got your daily activity covered! However if like me you are more of a desk based organic eater then it’s time to think about some exercise.

It is all too easy to think that because we eat a balanced organic diet that we are by default healthy. That’s why a couple of years ago I was pleased to rise to the challenge of providing organic catering for a cycling event. Every cup of tea was made with organic tea bags and milk through to each snack at every feed station containing only the best nutrition. To fuel a sports event on healthy organic food was quite an undertaking but it also showed that the best nutrition and exercise can go hand in hand.

Now I’m not saying that you need to train like an Olympian but exercise, movement, daily activity is vital to us all irrespective of age and ability. Coupled with eating the best organic food means a healthy and fulfilling life. So it’s time for us all to get on our bikes, ginger sideburns and a yellow jersey are optional.

Anna Louise Batchelor is an environmental scientist who has worked in academia, government and industry. For the last six years she has been part of Reading's True Food Co-op.

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K Lynn
10 September 2012 12:47

Nice post. I love my bike!

Chris Peacock
10 September 2012 12:41

Good blog. We all need to just get back to more activity in our daily routines. I've just started cycling to work after a long break and really enjoying it.

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