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Tim Young - 02 March 2012

Tim YoungJust got out of the Food for Life Partnership workshop at the conference. I can listen all day to the impact the programme has had in schools, and I was particularly taken with both Doug Bone, the head of Wandle Valley school in Sutton, and Stephanie Wood from School Food Matters.

Both are obviously inspirational characters, and I was struck by the similarity of their messages - not only that change can be made to happen, but that positive change reinforces itself. Growing projects in his school 'pay for themselves'according to Doug, through sponsorship or grant funding, while Stephanie talked about her experience as a parent in Richmond, which has gone from improving food in one school, to the entire borough now serving a Food for Life silver rated menu, while simultaneously cutting costs - £2.25 a meal to £2.07. Stephanie summed up the point: it can be done. A lesson I will certainly be taking away. 

Tim is editor of the Soil Association's Living Earth magazine, and has written on food, health and consumer issues for the last ten years.

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