The Why I Love Organic campaign is growing up

Charles Redfern - 30 November 2011

Ever since I’ve been involved with organic, there have been two competing viewpoints of how we should communicate our messages. 

Viewpoint one says convince, convert, explain, educate. Viewpoint two says simplify and appeal to a more basic consumer instinct. 
But I don’t think we have to choose: I think we have to do both at the same time.
I also think there’s a lot of learning to be had from academic discourses and research on the psychology and sociology of modern consumer society and the modern consumer mind – with some real nuggets from the field of neuroscience.
These insights can explain why often neither viewpoint one or two seem to work!
The Organic Trade Board's three-year advertising campaign, Why I Love Organic, swaggered in with a know-it-all attitude firmly rooted in the consumer appeal viewpoint.
As we near the campaign's second year, I sense a real change in this approach as well as a reaching out for ideas and participation - and maybe a bridgehead for viewpoints one and two to commingle more peacefully. 
Please note that in every other European country these EU-subsidised organic advertising campaigns have been funded by public finance; only in the UK has the trade had to put the money together. That alone is a fantastic achievement.
Remember too that the Organic Trade Board itself is very under-resourced; the money is all in the campaign. 
More of the Why I love Organic emphasis is shifting to digital media - and that needs the participation of organic enthusiasts. 
So I’m hoping that 2012 will lead us all in the organic world to focus more on our common ground. 
I’m calling on people who are good at social media to join in and for those with ideas or feedback to give them in a positive way to the campaign.

Charles is the founder of the ethical canned fish company, Fish4Ever, the sister company of Organico, both based in Reading. Fish4Ever's motto is Land, Sea and People. Its land ingredients are 100% organic - supporting traditional fishing communities is as important as saving the fish. He is currently involved in a number of awareness-raising campaigns working with WWF, Sustainable Fish City, the Environmental Justice Foundation and the Marine Conservation Society.

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Elisabeth Winkler
24 January 2012 12:11

Yes, I am all for more engagement with the Why I Love Organic campaign. It is so great that this is the organic movement's first advertising campaign - let's support it! As for the 'O' word, that is a word I love. I refuse to reduce its bright beaming light just because it might dim the non-organic ones. Viva Organic!

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