The Soil Association is a charity. Almost all our income is contributed by individual members and supporters and institutions such as charitable trusts and statutory bodies. We are most grateful to all those who have so generously contributed over the years.

More and more people are realising the importance of sustainable farming and the real public benefits it delivers in protecting wildlife, the well-being of animals, human health and the environment, through our education and project-led work.

Lottery and statutory sources have helped us establish and develop major programmes of work, including the Food For Life Programme in primary and secondary schools and our Community Supported Agriculture local food work and our variety of educational outreach projects.

Charitable trusts and foundations have made critically important contributions to our work in many areas including supporting our education, training, local food initiatives, animal welfare, research, policy, campaigns and publications activity. This funding often helps fund key management posts so enabling us to develop projects on to attract larger and ongoing funding.

Companies are also increasingly supportive of our work. Our national conference in 2011 was a triumph of corporate social responsibility, with key companies such as Waitrose, Community Foods, Ecotricity, Green & Black's, Triodos Bank and Produce World supporting the event. Many companies also generously donate their organic or ethically produced products as an incentive for people to join the Soil Association, or as gifts for our fundraising events.

We would also like to pay significant tribute to the extraordinary generosity of an ever-growing number of individual supporters who give to our cause.

With this ongoing generous support we will continue to drive policy and build public awareness about the benefits of sustainable, organic food and farming towards helping re-shape our food and farming future to one that is low-carbon, sustainable and more secure.  Thank you for helping to make this happen, without this support the organic movement would not be where it is today.



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