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A tale of two Oxfords…

Peter Melchett: In Oxford this week, two major farming conferences are underway. The newer, forward-looking Oxford Real Farming Conference is discussing innovations in technology that are needed for farming to face the challenges of achieving massive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, tackling the horrendous problems of diet-related ill health, and restoring beauty, colour and wildlife to our farmed countryside. Meanwhile, speakers at the much older Oxford Farming Conference seem stuck in a time-warp where for decades almost the only new development in agriculture worth discussing is GM crops, and where an annual attack on organic farming seems to be obligatory.

08 January 2015 | 3 Comments | Recommended by 5

New generation, new ideas...

Lynda Brown: Like Ben Raskin, I kicked off the New Year with a bang by spending yesterday day at the Oxford Real Farming Conference, the new ‘hub’ for sustainable-cum-agro-ecological food and farming. This is the Brave New World of food and farming, and I love it. (PS It gets my vote for another reason: it’s cheap; that means anyone can afford to go. If you’re up for a heady dose of can do culture, I thoroughly recommend it.)

04 January 2013 | 7 Comments | Recommended by 2

CSAs at the Oxford Real Farming Conference

Ben Raskin: The really successfuly CSAs are those with experienced and skilled growers and farmers at their hearts. Whether the initial idea comes from the producer or the community doesn't in the end matter, but farmer led CSAs can succeed more quickly as you can cut down on some of the heartache and painful learning that community initiatives sometimes go through as they take on a new piece of land and learn what to do with it.

02 January 2013 | 77 Comments | Recommended by 2

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