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Use up your pumpkin!

Kathie Auton: We grow amazing pumpkins and squash in this country. Anyone getting an organic veg box will probably be being treated to many glorious examples of this type of thing. And to really celebrate properly, you should be getting your hands on one of the smaller pumpkins out there. The huge supermarket ones may be good for carving a spooky face on, but they aren’t as tasty. If you’re at all stuck for something to do with your pumpkin flesh, then here are a few ideas.

30 October 2013 | 0 Comments | Recommended by 6

Farmhouse Breakfast Week, eat your oats for British farmers

Anna Louise Batchelor: The writer William Somerset Maugham famously said of British cuisine “To eat well in England, you should have breakfast three times a day”. We’re famed for our ‘full English’, revered for Scottish kippers and ‘glow’ with porridge, yet a recent study found that 47% of British people regularly don’t eat breakfast. In my ‘day job’ I’m know as Porridge Lady; cooking with, writing about and developing recipes and products that contain the humble oat. I’m quite obsessional about oats as I think that they are good not only for our health but also the soil too.

18 January 2013 | 315 Comments | Recommended by 34

Brussels and Nero

Lynda Brown: Last night found me at a great Christmas gig given by The Sustainable Food Trust. Great because it gave me a rare chance to meet and chat to a bunch of people who all share a common vision, namely making the world a more sustainable place (spent ages engrossed in discussing Joanna Blythman’s counter in the Daily Mail, to this week’s green light on GM foods by the Environment Secretary Owen Paterson, who not only seems to want to endorse GM foods and wants them grown and sold in Britain, but doesn’t see the necessity of labeling them, thereby robbing us of any choice).

21 December 2012 | 6 Comments | Recommended by 4

A very British Christmas

Anna Louise Batchelor: I recently read in the Guardian Newspaper that we are increasingly forgoing British traditions for the festive season and replacing them with a more Scandinavian approach to Christmas. Now I’m a big fan of the culture that the Scandinavian countries have exported, from Nordic Noir to my ever increasing traditional woolie jumper collection. I also appreciate the very ‘clean’ approach to eating hallowed in Scandinavian culture; lots of fresh fish, great portions of vegetables and complex carbohydrates like rye bread. However when it comes to Christmas I’m not budging on my tried and tested since childhood traditional Christmas.

14 December 2012 | 98 Comments | Recommended by 8

Having your cake...

Lynda Brown: I've not being having a good time of it of late. My blog on badgers got rejected, and a Living Earth reader took me to task for encouraging people to eat meat. May as well make it a hat trick. You see, I loathe baking cakes. I so totally know I'll never go to heaven, and Mary Berry and Nigella would think I'm the pits, but I really cannot understand why our ability to love depends on making heart-stopping bakes.

08 November 2012 | 1 Comments | Recommended by 1

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