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What are we feeding our children?

Joanna Lewis: The Government’s new School Food Plan highlighted that nearly 20% of children are now obese by the time they leave primary school, but is improving children’s diets just a job for schools? Restaurants are often quick to say it’s not their responsibility: they’re in the business of serving up the occasional treat and giving parents and children what they want on those occasions.

24 July 2013 | 13 Comments | Recommended by 7

No need for banning packed lunches if we all back this plan

Joanna Lewis: This morning I took in the headlines from the new School Food Plan both as ‘Head of Policy for the Soil Association-led Food for Life Partnership’ and as a Mum who knows how hard it is to get my children to eat well. Soon I was surrounded by other Mums with school-age children, some saying how great their school meals were, some saying they wished their child’s school was like the ones on the news with their food growing gardens, but all saying they didn’t like the sound of banning packed lunches.

13 July 2013 | 9 Comments | Recommended by 3

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