Resource efficiency resources

Every farm or horticultural business uses energy and creates waste, but most could use less. Resource efficiency is about minimising resources used and the amount of wastes produced in order to increase efficiency. Water used for agriculture represents approximately 2% of the water abstracted in the UK. In 2004, UK agriculture used 2.1 million tonnes of oil equivalents - and produced just over 7% of the UK's total greenhouse gas emissions.

Issues of resource use are increasingly impacting upon the economic, political and environmental sustainability of agricultural businesses in the light of rapidly rising fuel costs and increased consumer awareness of sustainability issues. Being more efficient in your resource consumption means reduced energy and water bills, reduced production costs and lower waste disposal costs. Consequently, it is well worth considering how to reduce energy, water and minimise farm wastes - even whether energy could be produced on farm to increase self sufficiency or contribute to the national energy supply.

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