Our Work 2014

The past year saw a host of exciting successes for all of us who are working to transform the way we farm and eat for the better. This review introduces the depth and breadth of our work, across a variety of sectors, but what was really heartening for me across the board was the sense that the Soil Association is really starting to connect with a much wider constituency: be that non-organic farmers, civil servants in the department of Education, or individual gardeners interested in our work on seeds, I have the sense we’re beginning to connect positively with many more people outside our normal comfort zone.

If I had to pick a few highlights I’d mention our Duchy Originals Future Farming programme which has now reached over two thousand farmers (both organic and non-organic) through various events and field labs to help ensure that sustainable best practices can be widely developed and shared. Meanwhile, our work through the Food for Life Partnership to transform school food and teach children the value of eating and growing good healthy food was recognised by the UK Government in its School Food Plan, who then went on to commission us to help deliver the plan. The wide public support given to our campaigns on bees and seeds also helped towards real victories, and last, but definitely not least, there was good news for the pioneering organic farmers, growers and businesses who have battled to survive through the last five years of recession; our Organic Market Report showed the UK organic market returned to growth in 2013.

As ever there is plenty more to achieve, but these are exciting times, and with your continued support you can continue to help us make positive change in our food and farming systems.

Helen Browning, OBE
Chief Executive


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