Organic Livestock

Price data

July 2014



Beef - Finished
(Under 30 months)

 £3.62 (R4L Base)

Beef - Stores

 £1.85 - £2.20
(see text below)

Lambs - Finished

(R3L Base)

These results are averaged from information collected from key producers and traders. Prices serve as a guide only.

Market Summary (courtesy of OLMC)

The current market for prime organic beef remains difficult. The supply volumes have eased a little but still on the whole remain in excess of sales demand. Waiting lists are thus a little shorter. The general quality of beef handled by the group remains good, with many cattle having benefited in both weight and finish perspectives from having waited a few weeks. Price is a real issue for finishers as they try to make decisions for the future - if lower price levels continue their enterprise will likely become unsustainable. Retailers need to take this on board as one day the tap that they turn on and off will not flow freely, if at all.

The organic OTM cow trade has remained at a similar level over the past couple of months, a steady supply meeting the demand for this manufacturing beef.

Organic new season lambs have fared well with the current growing conditions. The trade has started to slide back as it does when the main bulk of the lamb crop reaches marketing weights. Lamb quality has been very good - the lambs have really shown their confirmation this year helped by good grass growth and plenty of mothers milk. Continued attention to detail is a must to ensure that the lambs are sold when in specification - targeting realistic finishing weights for breed is essential

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Store Cattle Report

In spite of the apparent oversupply of finished cattle, the opposite is the case with organic store cattle. The good summer has produced plentiful forage crops and demand for stores is outstripping supply with low numbers of stores coming onto the market. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, with the volume of forage, producers are in no rush to sell stock. Secondly we have seen a reduction in the national suckler herd, with producers either dispersing herds altogether or reducing numbers. This has meant increased demand for organic store cattle as an alternative to breeding cattle. This trend is a cause for concern because without the raw material (the calf), where is the organic beef for the future going to come from?

If you have organic stores to sell please contact us. We have finishers and graziers wanting to buy.

Peter Jones (OLMC Store Cattle) 01829 730 580 / 07720 892 922