Scottish Organic Forum

The Scottish Organic Forum (SOF) is an industry led body whose key objective is to strengthen and promote Scotland’s organic food and drink supply chain through collaboration. This will be delivered through a number of initiatives including support of the organic supply chain, creating marketing initiatives and liaising with other like minded UK and EU authorities.

The group is made up of representatives from organisations with an interest in promoting and developing organic production in Scotland. The initial members are: Biodynamic Agricultural Association, Caledonian Organics, Scottish Agricultural College, Scottish Organic Producers Association, Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society, Scottish Organic Milk Producers, Soil Association Scotland, Scottish Government, ensuring all specific sectors are represented. New members will be invited to participate in the group as required.

One early notable achievement for the group has been its role, in conjunction with the Scottish Government, in the development and implementation of the latest Scottish Organic Action Plan.

Please feel free to inform me of any comments/issues you would like me forward to the SOF for consideration on your behalf.

Lyn White
Agricultural Development Manager
Tel: 07886299910

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Contact Lyn White,
Agricultural Development Manager
on 0131 666 0847 or email or call the Scottish Office 0131 666 2474.