Crofting Connections

Crofting Connections is a three-year project launched in August 2009 by Scottish Crofting Federation and Soil Association Scotland.

Crofting Connections is an educational project, which enables young people aged 5 to 16 living in remote rural communities throughout the Highlands & Islands to learn about crofting past, present and future.

The project encourages young people to sustain a way of life that promotes shared environmental, economic and social goals, vital for sustaining vibrant and healthy rural communities in the 21st century.

Set against the twin challenges of climate change and peak oil, crofting with its low-input, low-impact farming practices and strong cultural identity has a unique role to play in inspiring today’s younger generation about the environment and the need for sustainable lifestyles.

Young people will learn traditional skills from crofters, create their own climate-friendly food-growing projects, and help safeguard the history, culture and heritage associated with their crofting communities.

  LEADER  The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development   The Scottish Government  Lottery fundedScottish Natural HeritageCraignish Trust