The Alliance to Save our Antibiotics

In 2009 the Soil Association was delighted to join forces with Sustain and Compassion in World Farming to form the Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics, an alliance of health, medical, environmental and animal welfare groups working to stop the over-use of antibiotics in animal farming. The Alliance, which is supported by the Jeremy Coller Foundation, has a vision of a world in which human and animal health and well-being are protected by food and farming systems that do not rely routinely on antibiotics and related drugs.

Since then the issue of antimicrobial resistance has been climbing the political agenda. In the summer of 2014 the Prime Minister David Cameron announced of a new expert review of the antibiotic resistance crisis, and the Government has produced a five year antimicrobial resistance strategy - which includes a target for reducing the number of antibiotic prescriptions made in the NHS, but no equivalent target for farm antibiotic use reduction.

But this isn't enough – the Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics says the urgent reduction of antibiotic use in farming must become government policy. In the Summer of 2014 nearly 30,000 people signed our petition on 38 Degrees calling for a ban on the routine preventative use of antibiotics, and we're continuing to fight to protect these precious medicines so they can continue to save lives in future. 

About the Alliance

As well as the founder members, the Alliance is made up of a wide range of respected medical, agricultural, environmental, consumer and animal welfare groups. You can view all our supporter members here.

You can find out more about the Alliance and our partners through these links.

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Our campaign

Antibiotic resistance in farm animals is a growing problem, with far-reaching implications for human health. The Soil Association has been working on this issue for many years:

  • 1985: First organic standards restricting the use of antibiotics
  • 1995–2005: Campaign, including two reports, lobbying and press releases, leading to the banning of all antibiotic growth promoters thoughout the EU 2001–2004: Published reports exposing high residue levels of toxic drugs in chicken and eggs. Two of three drugs highlighted now banned by EU, a third under voluntary restriction by UK egg producers
  • 2003: Exposed the illegal use of the antibiotic avilamycin in broiler-chicken production
  • 2004: Exposed the pig industry's continuing use of antibiotics for growth promotion
  • 2006: Exposed the farm-antibiotic link to ESBL E.coli
  • 2007: Published a report on MRSA in farm animals and meat
  • 2011: Joined with Compassion in World Farming and Sustain to form the Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics

You can support this crucial work on antibiotics by becoming a member of the Soil Association or by making a donation.